Singapore: Home of Wellness

An ultra-clean city near the sea with a tropical climate is the ideal vacation spot for a much-needed rejuvenating break. Singapore has tons of options for healthy activities and whether you want to run, hike, cycle, swim or just lie on the beach, you can enjoy a dose of relaxation and rejuvenation, with the occasional spa treatment thrown in.

Cycle in the city or along the coast

Take in scenic views of the island while on your bike (but don’t cycle on the pavement or you could be fined). Explore a 10km-long route with a cycling lane the new stretch of Tanah Merah Coast Road (it’s one way, so make sure you’re going the right way). Escape to the “countryside” on the 26m cycle route in the North Eastern Riverine Loop where you’ll pass by Lorong Halus Wetland, known for bird sightings. And if you want to stay in the city, take in the sights on the Eastern Coastal Loop which covers Gardens by the Bay and offers great views of Marina Bay Sands on the Marina Barrage.

Go for a scenic run or hike

On foot is one of the best ways to explore a new place and there are plenty of great options in Singapore. Head to Sentosa, the nearby tropical island, for long beachfront runs on the Sentosa Loop (7.5 miles or 12 km, starting and finishing at the Harbourfront MRT). We also recommend taking in lush jungle scenes at MacRitchie Reservoir – there are also hiking trails and kayaking available if that’s what you fancy. Explore the city on the Singapore River Route (3.3 miles), the Marina Bay Loop (3.4 miles) or the East Coast Park, which includes a stretch of beach. And if you’re craving greenery in an urban space, your best bet is Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park which has a river running through it.

Float away

Vacations are where can really take a break from the stress of daily life and completely rejuvenate, so if that’s your goal, you might want to try a “float session.” Float pods are levitation tanks where you spend an hour enclosed in darkness, floating and relaxing in Epsom salt water – this helps you float effortlessly and creates a gravity-free environment. A 60 or 90 minute session begins with relaxing music which then fades to silence as your worries float away. At the Palm Ave Float Club, you can rest up afterwards while gazing upon a beautiful view.

Grab a spa treatment

There is no shortage of luxury spa treatments in Singapore – the real dilemma is which one to go for. You could try AWAY spa with its rain-forest inspired décor, complete with blue light, and its unique showers that include the settings Tropical Storm and Cold Mist before heading for a customized massage, or if you’re craving deep relaxation, the lavender Spa Journey at The Westin will have your mind and body tranquil – and you can stop by the sauna or the Jacuzzi afterwards. ESPA has an outdoor pool, yoga studio and sleep pods to rest in after your massage.

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