Raffles Landing Site

If you head to Singapore’s beautiful Central area, you will stumble across Raffles’ Landing Site, home to the 20ft white polymarble statue of Sir Stamford Raffles.

Raffles landed in Singapore in 1819 in order to negotiate some trade deals with the Temenggong (the local rulers), who owned the village where Raffles landed. After much negotiation, a treaty was signed that gave the Brits the right to build a trading port on the island. Sir Stamford’s statue plaque reads: “Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles first landed in Singapore on 29th January 1819, and with genius and perception changed the destiny of Singapore from an obscure fishing village to a great seaport and modern metropolis.” Raffles has even been described as the ‘pioneer’ of the Singapore we know today.

You can discover more at the Asian Civilizations Museum, right next door to the statue.


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