Monkey Mia Dolphin Experience

61-63 Knight Terrace
WA 6537 Australia

Despite the name, Monkey Mia has nothing to do with our primate cousins, rather it’s a wildlife reserve in the Shark Bay World Heritage Area on Australia’s westernmost tip.

Each morning for the last 50 years between around 7.45am and midday, wild Indo Pacific Bottlenose dolphins visit the shallow, crystal clear waters for one of the world’s great wildlife experiences which attracts 100,000 visitors to the beach every year.

Feeding the dolphins is very carefully supervised by rangers from the Department of Parks & Wildlife and although you’re not allowed to interact with the graceful creatures or even touch them, seeing them and letting them swim around your ankles is one of life’s great pleasures.

Sometimes the dolphins choose not to come but these days are very rare and there’s a 99% attendance rate. You may also be lucky and catch glimpses of dugongs, rays, turtles, and even emus!

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