Heysen Trail

Parachilna Gorge to Cape Jervis
South Australia

The Heysen Trail is 1,200km of some of the very best walking in all of Australia and undoubtedly the longest walk in South Australia. The full hike takes two months but if you don’t have that sort of time to spare, you can jump in and out of sections of the walk.

Starting at Cape Jervis overlooking the rugged coastlines of the Gulf St Vincent, Investigator Strait and Backstairs Passage, you will pass through the most notable landmarks in South Australia including Deep Creek Conservation Park, Adelaide Hills, Crystal Brook, Mount Remarkable National Park, Flinders ranges and the trek finishes at Parachilna Gorge, translated roughly as ‘place of peppermint gum trees’.

As you traverse some of the most breath-taking country you’ll ever be fortunate enough to see including unspoiled coastlines, native bush, rugged gorges, dense pine forests, historic towns and the Barossa Valley, one of Australia’s most famous wine-producing regions.

The southern part of the trail is perfect for beginners and children are permitted on this part of the walk and the trail has been specifically designed to cater for both families looking for a fun day trip as well as serious hikers committed to a 1,200km marathon.

There are lots of tour operators organising walking tours up and down the Heysen Trail and they vary in price, duration and services offered so do your research before you go but whatever walk you choose, whether it’s two hours or two months, you will see sights that will live with you for a lifetime.


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