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Ginza Yoshihiro

Marina Mandarin Hotel
6 Raffles Boulevard #04-600
Singapore 039594

Ginza Yoshihiro is one of Singapore’s best new Japanese restaurants and their speciality oden – the quintessential Japanese winter comfort food consisting of a light broth with ingredients such as boiled egg, daikon, fish, seafood and seasonal vegetables – is the standout star of the show. The signature oden is a stewed momotoro tomato in a light smoky broth, a highlight of the Tokyo restaurant.

Located in the Marina Mandarin Hotel, Ginza Yoshihiro is presided over by Chef Hisayuki ‘Bob-san’ Nishioka, the youngest son of the chef at the flagship Tokyo restaurant and the seafood is flown in direct from the world-famous Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo at least three times a week.

Ten-don is also a speciality here and it’s not a plate of connective tissue that some think it is. It’s a combination of tempura and donburi – delicately battered meat or vegetables on a bed of rice. The appetizers are as varied as salted squid liver, mozuku seaweed and a pickled salmon head and then comes exquisite sashimi, nigiri sushi and beautifully-flavoured Japanese fruit, the perfect ending to a near-perfect meal.

The sushi here is very good, as is the sashimi, but for a taste of authentic Japanese oden, Ginza Yoshihiro is the place to come.


+65 (0) 6734 8842

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