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The Eyre Peninsula reaches from the point of Spencer Gulf to edge of the Great Australian Bight and is divided into five distinctive destinations, all of which are remarkable on their own but if you put them all together you will have one of the most incredible experiences in all of Australia.

The Lower Eyre is called Australia’s Seafood Frontier for good reason. It supports the Southern Hemisphere’s largest fishing fleet and out of these waters comes the Southern Bluefin Tuna, the famed Hiramasa Kingfish and the Coffin Bay Oyster. Endless white beaches, crystal-clear seas and world-renowned wildlife experiences such as swimming with tuna, sea lions and the daddy of them all, the Great White Shark are just some of the amazing adventures you can have here.

To the northeast of Lower Eyre is Eastern Eyre and it acts as a gateway from the north to the Seafood Frontier or from the south through rolling farmland, vineyards, historic townships and national parks as well as geological wonders formed over a billion years ago.

Further north sits the Gawler Ranges and Central Eyre that was formed by volcanoes millions of years ago and today, hundreds of native species of birds, animals and flora call it home.

The West Coast’s protected bays and surf beaches sit on the dramatic and unpredictable Southern Ocean and inland you’ll find incredible caves, cliffs and other natural wonders before stopping off for a few nights at Elliston in the brilliantly-named Anxious Bay. Here, you will find one of Australia’s greatest coastal drives from Baird Bay to Streaky Bay where you can swim with sea lions and dolphins and enjoy mouth-wateringly fresh seafood.

The furthest north of the Eyre Peninsula’s five ‘sections’ is the Far West Coast & Nullarbor. From the small town of Ceduna you can start with stunning whiting and oysters on footprint-free beaches and every winter you can see what very few people get to see – Australia’s largest crèche where at the Head of Bight, hundreds of Southern Right whales come to mate and give birth. The Nullarbor (Latin: nullus ‘no’ arbor ‘tree’)Plain is the world’s largest limestone seabed and Ceduna to Perth is one of the world’s great car journeys which is 2,000km long and on one of the longest straight roads on Earth where you can see its curvature and enjoy a trip you will remember for the rest of your life.

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