Bohol is a natural beauty, home to destination diving, the Chocolate Hills (conical limestone karsts) and the country’s most lovable local: the teeny tarsier

Where? This island province sits in the Central Visayas region, comprising Bohol Island and 70-odd other islands.

How? It’s a short ferry trip from Cebu to Bohol.

Why? Bohol is one for adventurers, wowing its visitors with highlights both on land and underwater. Condé Nast Traveller included Bohol in its ‘Top Five Islands in Asia’ hot list in 2013. If you like the sound of dolphin- and whale-watching, beach lazing, canyon swings, tropical 4WDs and eye-boggling marine life, you’ll fit right in.

What? Borrow an ATV and career around Peacock Garden (and snoop around the hotel, while you’re here); spy on dolphins and whales from Pamilacan; set off on a Loboc River cruise (and join locals in the tinikling dance); go and gawp at the Chocolate Hills in Carmen; meet the tarsiers at Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary (no touching, no flash photography and no loud noises). Spend a day or two diving in the waters around Panglao Bee Farm; laze around on the beaches; have high-octane thrills at Danao Adventure Park (home to the world’s highest canyon swing). Go island-hopping from Panglao to Alona to Balicasag to Pamilacan. Try stand-up paddle-boarding at Bluewater Panglao Resort. Follow in the footsteps of Queen Sofia of Spain and the late Pope John Paul II and catch a performance by the Loboc Children’s Choir. Hop on a boat from Alona to Puntod (AKA Virgin Island) and go diving at Balicasag.

Try Local honey – and other home-grown delicacies – at Bohol Bee Farm; buko (fresh coconut) on Virgin Island’s sandbar.

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