Mini Itineraries: KOTA KINABALU

Affectionately known as KK, the capital of Sabah sits in the northern part of the island of Borneo, boasting spectacular sunsets, beaches and rainforests, lively markets and the majestic waterfront…


Stroll along the waterfront and discover everything from delightful food, the bustling market stalls and explore Kota Kinabalu Central Market where one could discover unique local fruits and vegetables. Walk over to the Handicraft market and put your bargain skill at test for great souvenirs to bring home or at the Sunday market on Gaya Street. Learn about Sabah’s multi-cultural mosaic culture and evolution at the Sabah State Museum. Immerse in the enriched local activities showcasing from 5 Sabah major ethnic groups at Mari-Mari Cultural village and end your day with a spectacular sunset view.


Embrace Sabah’s diverse wildlife at Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, an hour’s drive from KK, or traverse the wooden walkways of the Kota Kinabalu Wetland Centre, whose trails wind through a 24-hectare mangrove swamp. For orchid lovers, pay a trip to the Orchid De Villa, 12 miles from KK, which specializes in rare Bornean orchids. Go sea-walking at Borneo Reef World, the largest pontoon in South East Asia. Also, a must-see is the magnificent Mount Kinabalu, the highest peak in Borneo. The views from the top of this beautiful and majestic mountain are worth the effort. And go sea-walking at Borneo Reef World, the largest pontoon in South East Asia and snorkeling at Tuanku Abdul Rahman Park.


Try as much fresh seafood as your heart desires at the Night Market, which has many hawker stalls and an educational fish section, where you can find all kinds of finned and shelled sea creatures. For more where that came from, head to Alu-Alu Kitchen, which serves some of the city’s most succulent seafood in a plain and fuss-free setting. For Indian flavors, head to waterfront Kohinoor, whose charms include a well-used tandoori oven, exemplary naan and curries, and friendly service.

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