Healthy Eats in Singapore

Singapore is famed for its amazing culinary scene: the city’s menu showcases an array of flavors, with culinary influences from China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and beyond.

The love for food here borders on obsession, but visitors can still have a healthy stay – there are plenty of organic, vegetarian and/or vegan options to discover. Here are some spots that deliver that signature Singapore punch of flavor and variety, without leaving you feeling sluggish or over-indulged.

Real Food

Head here for a vegetarian and organic menu with gluten-free options. We recommend the beet millet burger with sweet potato fries or the signature, hand-made vegetable dumplings. Three locations throughout the city mean you’ll be able to get your cold-pressed juice fix easily.

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Escape to the Flower Dome at the Gardens by the Bay where this gorgeous restaurant sources its fresh produce. Both vegetarian and meat menus are available – take your pick from roasted artichokes, pea risotto or cod and short rib for the meat-eaters. The five-course vegetarian tasting menu offers incredible variety and the dishes are edible works of art.

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If you’re craving a burger but want a vegan option, this restaurant is a must-visit. The grilled soy burger comes with a creamy satay sauce; the spicy mushroom burger with dairy-free cream sauce is equally tempting (both are served with seaweed fries). Cool down in the tropical climate with a delicious Deluxe Chocolate, Exotic Coconut or D24 Durian ice-cream.

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Lingzhi Vegetarian Restaurant

This vegetarian Chinese restaurant offers a variety of staple Chinese dishes. There are two locations: at the Velocity outlet, you can sit down for the high tea weekend buffet and take your pick from everything from dim sum and noodles to vegetable curries.

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Various hawker centres and street food markets

Okay, hear us out. There is a way to eat street food and still be healthy – it’s all in what you order. Try sliced fish soup, which comes with tofu, seaweed, tomatoes and lettuce, or yong tau foo: choose the vegetable and tofu ingredients you want, served dry or in a soup. We also recommend thunder tea rice: in addition to its incredible name, it’s super nutritious. Choose from brown or white rice, heaps of vegetables, tofu, peanuts and eat it with a green soup made from various herbs such as basil and mint. You’ll also find several excellent vegetarian Indian restaurants throughout the city.

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