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Flexible booking, enhanced safety measures, contactless check-in and more

Seeking the far-flung delights of somewhere a little less familiar: beachy Australia, rugged New Zealand or exciting Asia, perhaps? If you’ve already started dreaming of your next adventure, good news: flights with Singapore Airlines are safe and seamless, thanks to an extensive range of new measures from the APEX Health & Safety Diamond Rated airline.

Passengers can book with peace of mind, knowing that any flights booked before 30 June 2021 can be rebooked without incurring any change fee. With Singapore Airlines flights going on sale about 11 months in advance, you’ve plenty of time to plan, prep and decide.

Tech takes a lead role in the new and improved airport experience with Singapore Airlines, from online check-in to downloadable boarding passes; save yours on your phone. Airport ground staff conduct quick but thorough pre-flight screenings.

On board, breathe with confidence, thanks to the airline’s swish High Efficiency Particulate (HEPA) filters, fitted on all aircraft, which remove 99.99 percent of airborne microbes. The air is refreshed every two or three minutes, resulting in a level of air purity equivalent to that of hospital operating theatres. 

You’ll soon see why Singapore Airlines was recently recognised with a ‘Diamond’ rating in an industry health-safety audit. Its world-class cabin crew model exemplary safety behaviour, wearing masks throughout the flight, plus goggles and gloves when appropriate. The airline’s staff continue to be prioritised for vaccinations; flights have already operated with a fully vaccinated crew.

Cleaning policies, already rigorous, have been upgraded, with particular attention paid to shared surfaces and the toilets. Each passenger is given their own complimentary care kit, with a surgical-grade face mask, disinfectant wipes and hand sanitiser, plus freshly laundered headrests, pillow covers and blankets.

The airline’s boredom-defying digital entertainment system can be controlled from your own personal device. Access more than 1,500 inspiring options, with something for every age and taste. Stay on top of the news or enjoy your favourite magazine via the airline’s e-library, which accessible from your phone. For easy viewing, download your choices 48 hours before take-off.

The care continues when you leave, thanks to Singapore Airline’ safe-disembarkation system, which reduces contact between passengers. So what are you waiting for? The world is yours, with Singapore Airlines.

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