The Last Overland Expedition

Have you ever wanted to go on an epic adventure? Tim Slessor and his five friends did just that…

In 1955, Tim Slessor and five friends travelled across Europe and Asia in Land Rovers, all the way from London to Singapore. Now it’s time to revisit the challenge with the launch of an intriguing production. The Last Overland, sponsored by Singapore Tourism Board, is nicely timed alongside Singapore’s Bicentennial celebrations and Tim will recreate one of the most memorable and adventurous road journeys of the 20th century.

Award-winning Grammar Productions is behind the re-enactment of the 1955 Oxford & Cambridge Far Eastern Expedition, which spanned 19,000 miles between London and the Little Red Dot. Being the last original team member, 87-year-old Tim Slessor is geared up for the challenge with 31-year-old filmmaker Alex Bescoby – bringing two generations of adventurers together.

The original crew in 1955 consisted of Antony Barrington Brown, Patrick Murphy, Nigel Newbery, Adrian Cowell, Henry Nott and Tim Slessor. They set off on the iconic 19,000-mile trip from London at a time when nothing like it had even been imagined. The team of avid explorers journeyed across Asia and Europe in Land Rovers – an all-time first, distance-wise, for this type of vehicle – and the pioneers set a new record.

Fast-forward more than six decades later to The Last Overland, as Tim pairs up with filmmaker Alex Bescoby to re-enact the entire expedition route. They will uncover the heritage of the original journey and its past challenges and also share their learnings and observations about the changes to the world today. A final documentary will be released, covering their highlights and challenges – illustrating the journey and how the planet is evolving.

How will they travel this time? The duo will make the trip in a 1955 Series One Land Rover (‘Oxford’) model, which is the very same car the original team used back in the day. The journey is set to be way faster now: roughly 100 days to drive the distance, instead of a mammoth six months and six days. The adventurers will still venture through lush jungles, parched deserts, snowy peaks and other challenging landscapes, making it all the more fun to watch.

The Last Overland will embark from Singapore on 25 August, six decades after the original trip was made, but with some incredible new discoveries guaranteed along the way. To learn more about the project, Tim and Alex, or for more details on the route, visit the expedition’s official website.

Image credits to The Last Overland official website and Singapore Tourism Board.

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