West Coast Park

71 West Coast Highway
Singapore 126844

Although it isn’t as popular, big or as well-known as East Coast Park, West Coast Park – built on 50 hectares of reclaimed land and completed in 1979 – has been dubbed the ‘play centre of the west’ and the western area of the park has been transformed into an adventure playground for kids as well as designated cycling track.

The playground has eight play areas for kids of all ages and abilities (and even grown-ups will love the obstacle courses) and you can book BBQ pits and camping spots if you want to spend a night out under the stars. To get a camping permit you need a residential address in Singapore so check before you arrive that you qualify.

For the keen ornithologists amongst you, West Coast Park is a haven of avian delights including the white-breasted waterhen and the green-backed heron and for cyclists, you’ll find gently waving, meandering paths that rise and fall with the island’s terrain for you to explore the park at your leisure.

Bring lunch and a Frisbee or grab your kite and head out to the Grand Lawn with the other kite-flying enthusiasts for a fun, relaxed day out.

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