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The Handle Bar

57 Jalan Mempurong
Singapore 759057

Handle Bar is a proper, old-school biker bar opened in 1999 by Jesse and Chris, ‘two numbskull bikers who met on a motorcycle cruise in Malaysia and discovered that they had more in common than their professional careers’.

It’s hard to find a more ‘ulu’ (literally translated as ‘someplace nowhere’) place than Handle Bar – it’s way out in the northeastern corner of the island near PA Sembawang Water Venture Club and it’s only accessible via a small road – so no car = big problem, but if you do find it, you’ll be glad you made the trip.

Because it’s so out of the way there’s lots of outdoor space and you’ll find various themed ‘ornaments’ dotted around the place while the inside is as you’d expect – lots of bare metal, mis-matched everything, entire bikes as well as component parts and general bike-related ephemera but don’t think for a second that the place is full with bearded Hell’s Angels hell-bent on world destruction. You’re far more likely to find gangs of bankers with very expensive, shiny Harley Davidson rides out for the day for a few beers, some great food and hours discussing interest rates or some such.

Expect to find lots of comfort food including lots of chicken, burgers, seafood, steaks, pork chops and ribs, hot dogs, fries and onion straws as well as their famous Cocaine Wings. Again, it’s just a name and not an ingredient and they are hot – seriously hot, but for ‘eat at your own risk’ fun, you can order their Sudden Death Wings. No more description is really necessary.

The drinks menu is as you’d expect –lots of cold beers and whiskey. They probably have a bottle or two of wine somewhere as well.

Handle Bar overlooks the Straits of Johor and out into Malaysia and if you’re looking for a very cool, out of the way place to relax with beer and meat and great views, make the trip to Handle Bar.

Opening Hours

Monday : Closed

Tuesday – Thursday: 5.00pm – 1.00am

Friday: 5pm – 2.00am

Saturday: 3.00pm – 2.00am

Sunday : 3.00pm – 1.00am

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