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9 Jalan Kubor #01-01 Singapore 199206

If you’re looking for a chilled-out bar and restaurant that’s big on sharing, Symmetry is the place. The dining room is full of colour and good cheer and the menu pays homage to the Australian casual dining scene and French cuisine for a mix that shouldn’t work but does, beautifully.

There are a few different menu choices including weekday lunch, weekend brunch, dinner and the brilliantly named ‘Monday You Bastard’ that’s full of perfect, post-weekend comfort food!

The weekend brunch menu contains the famous Big Breakfast as well as brunch classics like corned beef hash, merguez and eggs on toast and Symmetry Benedict and the dinner menu is packed full of ‘Land’ (animals) and ‘Sea’ (fish and seafood) treats.

The drinks menu is equally as impressive with a huge choice of teas and coffees, juices and detox delights, shakes and sodas, classic cocktails and Symmetry originals and the obligatory wines, beers, ciders, sakes and sprits.

Symmetry is a great place for ex-pats to meet, eat, drink and swap stories of home and it’s a place where you walk in hungry and thirsty but you leave happy.


+65 (0) 6291 9901

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