Keith Oswin: Singapore 2016 GP highlights

An interview with F1 fan and former motorsports journalist, Keith Oswin

What are you looking forward to from Singapore GP 2016?

Every Singapore GP has had at least one safety car period, so there’s always a sense of unpredictability about this race that adds a frisson of excitement. The unpredictability means that the form guide could be thrown out of the window.

What are your predictions on drivers and their form?

You would have to consider the dominant Mercedes team to be favourite to continue its winning ways. But the tensions between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg should ensure a real street fight in the championship battle.

Who is your favourite driver, and why?

As a Brit, I would always cheer for Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button. That said, the rise of Max Verstappen this year has been a breath of fresh air; he could steal a win if the cards fall for him.

Do you have any favourite moments from previous Singapore GPs?

The first F1 Singapore GP in 2008 was always going to be special. Not everyone was sure how a night race was going to work (F1 cars don’t have lights, of course!) but it was a huge success. It was also controversial: it later emerged that Nelson Piquet Jr. crashed deliberately to generate a safety car period that would help his Renault team mate to victory.

What has been your highlight so far of the F1 GP 2016?

The on-track rivalry between Hamilton and Rosberg is guaranteed to get the adrenaline going…

What do you like about Singapore as a city?

The cultural diversity of the Lion City. Back when people boarded steam ships with the words, ‘See you at Raffles’, the city was a meeting point of East and West. The steam ships have given way to A380s, but ‘all the mysteries of the East’ can still be found in Singapore.

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