Pesta Ubin 2016

Pulau Ubin
Singapore 508309

The wonderful people of Pulau Ubin are opening their doors and welcoming you into their home – the last remaining ‘kampung’ (village) in all of Singapore. From May 14th until June 12th, Pesta Ubin (‘pesta’ is Malay for festival or party) the tiny island packs a huge punch with over 50 unique and truly Singaporean activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Immerse yourself in the special culture of the people of Pulau Ubin by taking a famous kayak tip through the mangroves where you’ll find Oriental-pied hornbills, eagles, kingfishers and herons, manta rays, pink dolphins, otters, crabs and monitor lizards.

There’s some great exhibitions detailing island life as well as treasure hunts, visits to the fish farms, home-style cooking tours, walks, night walks, nature camps, arts and crafts workshops and you can re-live the Kampung Games to find out what people did before phones and tablets!

Don’t forget heritage walks, cycling trails, birdwatching and the festivities celebrating the birthday of Tua Pek Kong, an 18th century traveller who was blown ashore and landed in Malaysia when only 50 people lived there!

A traditional kampung BBQ and games on the beach is one of the true highlights and there’s an evening of music and movies at the Wayang Stage.

Some activities carry a charge but most are free so all you have to do is hop on the boat to Pulau Ubin and find something unique and amazing to do!

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