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Muthu’s Curry

138 Race Course Road #01-01
Singapore 218591

The origins of Singapore’s iconic fish head curry is up for debate. Some say it’s from Kerala in India, some say it hails from Malaysia and some claim it’s from Bengal but whatever the true story, every ethnic group in Singapore has their own version and they’re all delicious!

Since 1969, Muthu’s Curry has been serving one of the Garden City’s very best fish head curries and today, the three locations (Dempsey Road, Temasek Boulevard and the original on Race Course Road) attract locals and tourists alike for their rich, tangy, spicy and sweet curry with, season dependent, sea bream, sea bass or red snapper served on a banana leaf with basmati rice and a crispy poppadum.

One well-known Singaporean food blogger said ‘Why do we even bother to order the other dishes? This is as good as it gets’. She may well be right.


+65 (0) 6392 1722

Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday : 10.30am – 10.30pm (other restaurants may differ)

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