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Molly Malone’s

56 Circular Road
Singapore 049411

Look up ‘proper Irish pub’ in the dictionary and you’ll see a picture of Molly Malone’s. It was the first Irish pub to open in Singapore way back in 1995 but before it opened in the Garden City, the same pub opened in Ireland. Confused? The pub in Ireland was dismantled, brick by brick, and shipped to Singapore where it was rebuilt!

Live music and live sports are top of the bill alongside Molly Malone’s famous craic, the happy, friendly British ex-pat clientele (as well as people from all over the world) and an atmosphere that says this is a place to leave your worries at the door, come in, eat and drink and relax!

As well as ‘Plate of the Day’ which includes Molly’s famous fish ‘n’ chips on Tuesdays, Dublin Coddle on Mondays and slow-roasted beef with Yorkshire Pudding, bacon, lettuce, carrots peas, onions and potatoes on Fridays, there’s loads to whet your appetite!

Brits will love the ‘Build Your Own Breakfast’ options and there’s also bangers ‘n’ mash, steak, pork belly, burgers, Irish Stew and a host of local delicacies such as hot ‘n’ spicy wings, satay, spring rolls and samosas, soups, salads and sandwiches.

We promise you won’t go hungry but save room for a sticky date pudding or a decadently warm chocolate cake with homemade vanilla ice-cream.

There’s a very good reason why Molly Malone’s is packed out every night with regulars, ex-pats and people who want a true taste of the proper Irish craic! Come and find out for yourself!


+65 (0) 6536 2029

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