Mangrove Kayaking at Pulau Ubin

34 Pulau Ubin Adventure Centre
Singapore 508265

As you steer your kayak through the mangroves, don’t be fooled into the thinking the peaceful waters are signs of inactivity. You are kayaking through some of the most amazing wildlife you’ll ever see.

Look up for birds such as Oriental-pied hornbills, eagles, kingfishers and herons. Look down for manta rays, pink dolphins, otters, crabs and monitor lizards and look all around for the island’s rich, verdant and abundant wetland ecosystems such as sea grass lagoons, coral rubble and coastal forests.

You can choose from a four-or six-hour trip and you will be given a briefing as well as life vests but whichever one you choose, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Your guide will lead you expertly out from Changi Beach, past the cape of Chek Jawa and through the stunning mangroves for an experience you’ll never forget.



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