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Long Beach Seafood Restaurant

01-02 Leisure Court
1018 East Coast Parkway
Singapore 449877

The award-winning Long Beach Seafood Restaurant is the oldest seafood restaurant in Singapore and if you’re looking for the very best black pepper crab you’ve ever eaten, this is the only place to come. It has been a staple on the menu since 1982 when owner Andrew Wong created the aromatic black pepper sauce using a secret blend of ingredients and it’s estimated that 70% of customers order it. It really is that good.

There are now five outlets across the city and interestingly, the menus vary from place to place but the black pepper crab is on all of them! Often, the best way to measure the quality of a restaurant is to find out where locals in the know go for their seafood. They come to the Long Beach Seafood Restaurant.

The menu fuses traditional Chinese cooking with some of the world’s finest seafood including the ‘king of crabs’, the elegantly sweet Alaskan King Crab in a white pepper sauce, Golden Stripe live lobster stir-fried with sweet flakes, Canadian geoduck sashimi, steamed live Scottish razor clams with vermicelli and minced garlic and a claypot XO yellow roe crab with bee hoon slow-cooked to perfection and if you ask, they will even de-shell your crab for you.

Presidents, Prime Ministers, heads of state and even Lady Gaga and Morgan Freeman have eaten sensational seafood here looking out over the Singapore Strait and smelling the sea from whence their dinner came.

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