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Kaiseki Yoshiyuki

583 Orchard Road
The Forum Shopping Mall #B1-39
Singapore 238884

Chef Yoshiyuki Kashiwabara, once the personal chef to the Japanese ambassadors in Singapore and the United States, has created a stunning menu showcasing the finest seasonal ingredients for a close to perfect experience of Kyoto kaiseki cuisine.

‘Taste, texture and presentation seamlessly unite’ in a traditional Japanese multi-course dining experience that can trace its roots to ancient rituals of 10th century tea ceremonies where Chef Kashiwabara has elevated dining to a form of expressive art with ‘the entire meal forming an elaborate canvas of colour, flavour, scent, and texture.’

You can dine at the Chef’s Counter or in the private, kappo-style dining room and you can choose from five set menus. Two lunch menus are priced at S$88 and S$128, the seven-course Yuki menu is S$228, the eight-course Tsuki menu is S$288 and the quite remarkable nine-course Hana Omakase menu is an eye-watering S$328.

It’s hard to point to menu stars given the seasonal variations and even the menu items are as vague as ‘grilled dishes’, ‘raw fish’,  ‘appetizers’ and ‘simmered dishes’ but this is a restaurant where you have to relax and place your trust one of the world’s best kaiseki masters to deliver one of the finest Japanese meals you’ll ever eat.


+65 (0) 6235 1088

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