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Hotel Miramar Singapore #01-01
401 Havelock Road
Singapore 169631

Widely regarded as the best Japanese buffet in Singapore, Ikoi is described on the hotel’s website as ‘an endless parade of authentic Japanese cuisine perfectly set in a lush Japanese setting.’

Located in the lobby of the Hotel Miramar on Havelock Road, Ikoi serves a set menu buffet for S$38 (with dinks and taxes expect to pay around S$50 per person) and is so good you’ll need to book at least a week in advance and you may even see a famous face or two as you try and sample everything!

The range of sashimi, sushi, grills, tempura, sides, noodles and rice is staggering and while buffet food can quite often be piled high with scant regard for freshness and quality, Ikoi absolutely bucks that trend with beautifully prepared, fresh and seasonal food cooked very well and above all, it tastes delicious!

Ikoi is cosy and comfortable but pretty small so it’s advisable to book in advance but you will be wowed by their famously fresh sashimi and the other Japanese favourites on the menu!

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