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Bitters & Love

118 Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 068587

At Bitter’s & Love, the chilled-out vibe is complemented with theatrical mixology, creative cocktails and one of the best bar snacks menus in the Garden City.

After a relocation to Telok Ayer Street from North Canal Road, Bitters & Love has earned a reputation as one of the best cocktail bars in Singapore by essentially allowing you to make it up as you go along! Choose your spirit and then let the mixologists know how you like it – fruity, sweet, bitter, sour, with Malibu or without – and they’ll come up with something suitably delicious. If you like living on the edge, just say ‘surprise me’ and they most certainly will!

The whimsical, ever-changing bar snacks are also on the gourmet side and include the sensational Rangers Valley 300-day grain-fed Wagyu beef cubes, fried chicken wings and their speciality ‘Love Chips’, hand-cut fries with chipotle mayo and a half-dozen Canadian oysters.

Singapore’s cool cats come to Bitters & Love for the vibe, the drinks and those Wagyu beef cubes…! It’s pretty small so try and book your spot but once you’re settled in, you won’ want to leave.


+65 (0) 6438 1836

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