Singapore Restaurants

The Banana Leaf Apolo

54 Race Course Road
Singapore 218564

Coming to Singapore and not having a fish head curry is like going to France and not seeing the Eiffel Tower! It’s one of the dishes that defines Singapore and one of the best examples you’ll find is at the Banana Leaf Apolo on Race Course Road.

Chef Anthony Bourdain raved about it so it must be good! It’s usually the head of a salmon or red snapper with a beautifully rich, spicy curry sauce full of vegetables such as okra, eggplant, beans and tomatoes and it’s a taste sensation!

The head of the fish is on its side with the eye looking up at you so you can dig into the cheeks which are the tenderest parts of the fish. If you’re brave, don’t forget to eat the eye – it’s a delicacy!

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