Miranda’s Western Australian Adventure

Miranda Krestovnikoff is a British radio and TV presenter specialising in nature. We sent her to Western Australia to report back on her adventures; you can read her postcards from Perth below. Miranda says: ‘As a keen traveller and wildlife presenter, I’ve visited many extraordinary and beautiful places, but I had never been to Australia. I was so excited to be discovering such a varied and immense country for the first time. And I’d do it all over again.’

The Beach

‘Perth’s a great city, but for a more wild adventure, I headed south along the dramatic South West Cape. Back home in the UK, walking is a favourite pastime, so I headed to the Cape to Cape Track in the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park. The track takes you along stunning scenery; the coastline is wild and rugged. To get away from the heat of the day, I swam at Hamelin Bay, known for its friendly marine visitors. I got to swim with some pretty exotic-looking creatures: smooth rays and eagle rays. As a diver, I have seen some extraordinary wildlife in the water, but this was a real treat as the rays came to me. They lurk in the shallows every day, waiting for the fishermen’s discards. It was a wonderful feeling on my toes when they brushed past!

Back home, I’m passionate about using local produce when cooking. Here in Hamelin Bay, I was treated to some spectacular home-grown and foraged delicacies with a very special lunch on the beach. Lunch was foraged and prepared by local chef Paul Iskov from Fervor. The mouth-watering selection of local delicacies Paul served me included marron, scallops and abalone – definitely something I’d like to try again. My feast was washed down with some chilled local sauvignon blanc as the water lapped at my feet. Heavenly.’

The Rocky Shoreline

‘I had heard of the Margaret River region before, but I hadn’t realised that it’s home to hundreds of underground caves. I’ve explored a few pretty special caves in my time, but nothing could prepare me for the spectacle that awaited just a short walk up from Yallingup Beach. My guide was local: Josh, from Koomal Dreaming, whose family have lived in this area for many years and have exclusive access to the Ngilgi Cave. It was such a privilege to be with Josh and hear his stories about the area and his own explorations of the caves as a youngster.  Every inch of the cave was smothered in rock formations – stalactites, stalagmites and strange horizontal helictites – but the real highlight, thanks to the haunting acoustics, was hearing Josh play his didgeridoo.

As if the day couldn’t get any better, in the early evening I drove through the local vineyards to one of the premier estates: the family-run Leeuwin Estate. Good soil, constant climate and a light sea breeze make this area one of the best for grape-growing; the wines certainly reflect this. I was treated to a wine flight by passionate host Stepan Libricky: five superior wines, with accompanying delicacies, from oysters to venison – a true taste sensation!’

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