Introducing Singapore Airlines

Here are 7 things you didn’t know about the world’s best airline…

1- Singapore Airlines has regular flights to 63 destinations around the world in six continents; its hub is Changi Airport in Singapore.

2- Singapore Airlines started its journey as Malayan Airlines back in 1947 – not a single stewardess was on board its first flight. It didn’t become known as Singapore Airlines until 1972.

3- Singapore Airlines has always aimed higher than the rest when it comes to service – it was the first airline to give out free headphones and include complimentary services such as different meal options and free drinks in Economy Class, back in 1970.

4- Changi Airport has an eye-popping array of attractions and facilities, including: a rooftop swimming pool and Jacuzzi, cactus garden, water lily garden, an art installation called Kinetic Rain, a children’s playground, a piazza garden, a sculptural tree garden, an interactive exhibition called the Social Tree, post offices, prayer rooms, an interactive Enchanted Garden, a movie theater, an orchid garden, a sunflower garden, shops, spas and beauty salons, plus a dizzying range of dining and drinking options.

5- Singapore Airlines has a young fleet of aircraft averaging at seven years of age. The airline currently runs around 108 Airbus A350’s, A330’s, A380’s and Boeing 777 aircrafts.

6- If you fly with Singapore Airlines and your stopover in Singapore Airlines is 5.5 hours or more, you can join the free Heritage Tour bus, which will whirl you around Singapore on a 2.5-hour guided tour. (If your stopover is 6 hours or more, you can enjoy the City Sights Tour.)

7- Up until 1951, the only drink available onboard the aircraft was iced water – these days, lucky passengers can sip delicious wines, beers, spirits and hot and cold soft drinks. The food onboard is also pretty special, thanks to the airline’s International Culinary Panel of chefs (founded in 1998). Representing the States are acclaimed chefs Alfred Portale (New York) and Suzanne Goin (Los Angeles)!

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