Introducing Scoot Airlines: 4 reasons to fly Scoot

Flying budget is a dream for those with perpetual travel plans. We’re here to introduce Scoot, a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, the quirky fun, budget option. Here are four things you need to know about Scoot.

It’s award-winning

For the fourth consecutive year, has named Scoot ‘Best Low Cost Airline Asia/Pacific’ in its Airline Excellence Awards. Want a world-class budget airline with award-winning cabins and seats? Scoot also got nods in the ‘Best Low Cost Airline Premium Cabin’, ‘Best Low Cost Airline Premium Seat’ and the ‘World’s Best Long-Haul Low Cost Airlines’.

Scoot flies to over 60 destinations in 17 countries

That’s right. Scoot flies to more than 60 destinations and 17 countries. What does that mean for you? It means if you want to surf in Hawaii, escape to Berlin, tour Australia or see the ice sculptures in Harbin, China, then Scoot is the airline for you. Scoot’s flights from Singapore to the Gold Coast, Australia and Krabi, Thailand are also a big hit (but thankfully, not a hit on the credit card).

Bonus: Scoot operates out of the world-class Singapore Changi airport, which has a full entertainment center, a rooftop pool and a street food center on site.

Keep watch for more new Scoot destinations to come…

Scoot’s not just an airline, it’s an attitude

Scoot is airline for the adventurous travellers who seek an innovative experience. People who remember that travel is all about spontaneous discovery, connections and fresh experiences. Simply put, Scoot’s staff and passengers have Scootitude.

The dream fleet

Scoot has 16 Boeing 787 Dreamliners in its fleet (and more on the way), which means innovative products: inflight WiFi, in-seat power, ScooTV, a rewarding PlusPerks bundle and an enhanced ScootBiz offering. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is also known for being a spacious, quieter and lighter aircraft, with fresher air quality. Scoot also has over 23 A320 aircrafts – so there are plenty of planes to take you to wherever you fancy.

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