Getting personal, with Singapore Airlines

The world’s best airline unveils some tasty new initiatives…

Good news, globe-trotting gourmands: Singapore Airlines is on a mission to make your flight experience even more delicious. In an industry first, the airline has announced that it is now rolling out its Premium Economy ‘Book the Cook’ service worldwide, allowing lucky customers to pre-order their meals before they fly.

This follows the initial launch to Suites, First Class and Business Class customers on all flights across its network last year (another industry first). With this new initiative, customers can pre-select their meal choices via the airline’s website or mobile app anytime, from three weeks before take-off to up to 24 hours before the flight departs. In addition to a more personalised dining experience, you’re also guaranteed your preferred meal choice from either the in-flight menu or the ‘Book the Cook’ service.

Singapore Airlines has also turned its attention to menus for little ones, helpfully giving parents the option to pre-order meals for young flyers from three different cuisine types: Asian; Western; Vegetarian. This move is part of Singapore Airlines’ enhanced Child Meal Programme, which used results from an intensive focus group and meal-tasting session to make improvements. Parents now get greater visibility when it comes to meal choices, instead of having to select something unexpected on the day. Visit the airline’s website up to 24 hours before your departure day to view the menu for your flight – and select the dishes that come with your vote of approval (or your ankle-biter’s).

Focus group sessions and targeted surveys were also conducted on two more of the airline’s popular meals: the Indian Vegetarian Meal and the Muslim Meal. Using feedback from these sessions, Singapore Airlines reviewed the ingredients and servicewear used, making them even more tempting. These menus will also be rotated more frequently, so customers will never get bored of what’s on their plate.

SIA’s Executive Vice President Commercial, Mr Mak Swee Wah, said: ‘Singapore Airlines has always been well known for its focus on customer service, and we see personalisation in in-flight dining offerings as being key to creating an even more memorable travel experience.’

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