A fitness lover’s guide to working out in Singapore

From acrobatics to personal training, Singapore’s fitness scene is pumping day and night. Find your favourite energising session here, or try something new, fun and entirely doctor-approved.

Open air

Bored of the gym? No problem. The Garden City’s open spaces are bursting with ways to get fit. Head out for a run, hike or bike ride along The National Parks Connector Network  and pick up a map from the National Parks office to find your route. Or head out on the epic 10-kilometre Southern Ridges Trail and along the Henderson Waves bridge for awe-inspiring city views. Rent a bike and explore the Punggol Waterway on two wheels, or if it’s peace and tranquillity you’re craving, make a beeline for Bukit Timah Hill and nature reserve and explore the jungle and natural wonderland by bike or foot.  

HIIT the water

Another challenge for those stabiliser muscle groups. If your cardio class has become a little boring, try HIIT on water at Skyline Aqua . FloatFit HIIT is done on floating mats on the water and is an intense 30-minutes of burpees, lunges, squats, aqua-climbers and crunches. There’s also Float yoga for a more chilled-out approach!

If you’re looking for more pool action, Marina Bay Sands’  iconic rooftop infinity pool takes some beating. Cool off here after a workout at Banyan Tree’s Fitness Club, which also overlooks the city.

Scale new heights

Clip in and don’t look down! Singapore’s climbing gyms provide a fantastic total body workout and challenge your mind as well as your muscles. Onsight Climbing Gym has more than 2,000 square feet of bouldering surface, 43 lanes and 100-plus different routes to the top – climbing courses are available for beginners and those looking to up their game. Boulder Movement is good for those with more experience and is a stripped down version – no ropes and big crash mats!

Swing that saber

Burn up to an estimated 600 calories per hour at the funkiest class in the galaxy! Channel your inner Star Wars character as you wield a glowing saber stick in the full-body-workout SaberFit class . The hour-long classes incorporate saber-striking techniques with cardio, plyometrics, core and abdominal exercises.

Jump on it

Spring into a trampoline class and you’ll be burning off calories and having a serious amount of fun in the process. Fling off walls and try to perfect flips and somersaults at Bounce Singapore  and Zoom Park Asia, or  head to BBounce Studio for a trampoline rebound workout class. At BBounce, you’ll sweat your way through high-octane cardio and functional workouts on personal trampolines, soundtracked by high-tempo music.

Surf’s up

If you’re missing the beach, head to Surfset  for a surf-inspired fitness class. Balance on the custom-made, in-studio surfboards during these challenging fitness classes and choose from the Balance, Core or Sweat sessions – either way, your muscles will be aching afterwards!


For a high-intensity workout, the F45  team will have you building some serious stamina and strength. Or sign up for a 20-minute class at Ritual, where the belief is that you train your body to be a machine, not with machines. There’s a new session starting every half hour, so there’s no excuse to miss your next gym sesh.  

Bungee blast off

Leap into action during a gravity-defying bungee workout at Dance Vault Studios. Participants are attached to bungee cords suspended from the ceiling, and follow a series of routines that combine dance and aerobics.

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