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Considering getting married in Fiji? It’s easy to see why. We spoke to weddings-pro Sophie Clay, Executive Manager at the dangerously romantic Treasure Island Resort. Sophie and her talented team help countless couples celebrate their dream Fijian wedding in an Instagram-worthy tropical setting. Warning: reading this article may result in proposals.

What’s romantic about Fiji? One of the most romantic of the South Pacific Islands, Fiji is blessed with stunning beaches, breathtaking sunsets, and beautiful marine life. Couples can enjoy private and peaceful walks on the beach, or spend hours exploring the ocean, discovering colourful fish and corals and sharing new experiences.

What makes weddings in Fiji so special? The gorgeous island locations, combined with the famous Fijian hospitality and welcome, make weddings in Fiji stand out from all the rest. Choose your ideal beach set-up or one of the magical chapels and let the stunning backdrop do the rest! Fresh and tasty produce will ensure your wedding breakfast is a meal to remember.

Why should people consider getting married at Treasure Island? Treasure offers the best of all options to fulfil every dream wedding! Our Sigavou Chapel is an exquisite glass-walled chapel overlooking the beach and ocean, where the bride can walk down a glass isle suspended over seashells. We also have multiple beachside or island locations; there’s even a stunning sandbar for those after that desert-island wedding. Our beaches offer exceptional white sandy water’s-edge locations, fringed with coconut palms and ending in tropical turquoise water. The sandbar, 500m from the main sand cay island, offers the ultimate in island getaways! The natural beauty of Treasure’s wedding locations is enhanced by your choice of a range of wedding themes, put together by one of Fiji’s most experienced wedding coordinators to take away all the stress and ensure everything runs smoothly. The bridal party can get ready in our island spa’s dedicated bridal room with hair, makeup and everything else taken care of. Let our Executive Chef create a memorable end to your special day.

Is there a typical Fijian wedding? If so, what’s it like? Traditional Fijian weddings are one of the biggest events on the social calendar, bringing together family members from far and wide to celebrate and feast. The happy couple will dress in traditional tapa – a handcrafted material, made from the bark of the mulberry tree – and their families will exchange traditional gifts to the newlyweds of voi voi woven mats and Tabua (whale’s tooth). Perhaps the highlight of any Fijian wedding is the feast that can last for days! Traditionally, the husband’s family will prepare the Lovo feast – an ancient method of cooking underground – and there is always the ubiquitous kava ceremony.

Do you have any advice for people who are considering a Fijian wedding? Location, location, location! Lavenia is our Weddings, Groups and Events Coordinator; she’s one of the most experienced wedding coordinators in Fiji, handling weddings and other special events on the island since 2007! Lavenia’s wealth of experience with brides, grooms and their families has shown time and time again that the stunning island location available at Treasure is the key feature. Everything else – food, budgets, accommodation and so on – all come second to fulfilling that dream of a perfect tropical-island wedding.

What three things should people do while they’re in Fiji? This is simple – enjoy the things that Fiji is famous for! Enjoy the sun; enjoy the beach and ocean; but most of all – take pleasure in the warmth and friendliness of the Fijian people – as is it this that brings people back time and time again to our island shores.

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