WATERWORLD Introducing Blue Lagoon Cruises

All aboard, shipmates – the sensational South Pacific islands await…

The South Pacific is dotted with spectacular tiny islands and coral reef systems, making small-ship cruising a common – and jaw-droppingly beautiful – way to explore. Fiji’s
Blue Lagoon Cruises has been operating in the remote Yasawa Islands for more than 60 years, helping visitors to explore the ‘real’ Fiji.

Blue Lagoon Cruises’ regal 179-ft Fiji Princess accommodates a maximum of 68 guests, guaranteeing a personalised, intimate experience of Fiji. The all-Fijian crew will quickly get to know you by name (along with your favourite cocktail – and exactly how you like it); the crew’s friendly service is personalised from start to finish.

With so many incredible islands in such close proximity, there’s a maximum of four hours cruising per day (through calm waters), meaning more time for shore excursions and cultural experiences. Fiji Princess can access remote bays and beaches that larger ships can’t, with short rides to shore (unless you’d rather swim); at one beach, she even ties up to a coconut tree…

Meals are served on the beach or in the small dining room, so you can get to know your fellow passengers. Each night is spent with the boat securely anchored in a protected bay, with all cabins well above the waterline, enjoying stunning views.

This casual, genuine Fijian experience of cruising in comfort is as well-suited to first timers as it is for seasoned cruisers.

Cruise inclusions
Blue Lagoon Cruises are renowned for their friendly Fijian staff and the intimate, personal experience. Itineraries include Fijian village and school visits, swimming in the famous Blue Lagoon caves, modern cuisines (including a traditional Fijian lovo), cruising to untouched bays and coves, swimming with sharks and/or manta rays (depending on the season), and plenty of time on postcard-perfect white-sand beaches (including Blue Lagoon’s private island beach, Nanuya Lailai).

Blue Lagoon Cruises’ Four Favourite Beaches
We caught up with the nautical-but-nice crew at Blue Lagoon Cruises to hear which beaches await the aquatic adventurers heading out with them…

Nanuya Lailai
This is the postcard-perfect, stereotypical white sandy beach fringed by coral reefs and azure blue water that Fiji is famous for. The beach here is privately owned by Blue Lagoon Cruises, exclusively for use by its guests. With Blue Lagoon Cruises’ boutique cruise ship, the Fiji Princess, being so small, it can pull up at this beach and tie off to a coconut tree!  Blue Lagoon Cruisers spend a brag-worthy 24 hours at this beach, where they can swim, snorkel, scuba dive, sunbake and reset their internal clocks to ‘Fiji time’. More active types can take a moderate guided walk up the island’s peak through a small village and down the other side to the quaint Lo’s Tea House. Dinner is a traditional lovo (underground roast) served up on beach tables, followed by live entertainment and dancing (or meke) with a local village group.

Sacred Islands
A stunning spit of soft white sand runs between the islands here, with very little sand at high tide, but a beautiful wide beach with water on each side at low tide. Blue Lagoon Cruises anchors here for an afternoon of swimming, sunbaking and traditional Fiji high tea, best enjoyed with the sand between your toes.

Modriki Island
Film buffs will love having the chance to explore this beach made famous by the Tom Hanks movie, Cast Away. It’s easy to see why the Hollywood producers thought this palm-fringed, white sandy beach with its fringing coral reef would be the perfect big-screen backdrop.

This is a tiny coral-and-pebble beach fringed by rocks. It’s not so much about the beach here, but what lies just in behind it: the famed Blue Lagoon Caves. A short walk up a set of stairs built into the side of the rocky island and then into the cave reveals a stunning waterhole for a refreshing swim. The daring can swim through a short underwater tunnel into a second, darkened cave, where the Blue Lagoon Cruises crew tell traditional stories about the caves and sing and shout ‘Bula!’ as loud as they can, for guests to enjoy the echoes!

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