Experience One: Top 8 Tips on Flying Long-Haul with Air New Zealand

Who better than a member of Air New Zealand’s expert cabin crew to tell us how to travel long-haul? We got some advice from Air New Zealand’s cabin crew based at London Heathrow…

Experience One: Top 8 Tips on Flying Long-Haul

Experience One: Top 8 Tips on Flying Long-Haul

1. Drink plenty of water. Your body gets dehydrated, especially on a 24-hour journey.Try to drink a litre of still mineral water at least one hour before the flight.

2. I always enhance my water with vitamins and electrolytes; I definitely feel the difference after landing.

3. Try to eat a light meal and carry healthy snacks with you, as they will help to keep your body feeling fresh and fight jet lag. We offer snacks and drinks on demand – if you need a healthy snack, just order one from your entertainment system and we’ll bring it to you.

4. Doing low-impact exercise before the flight helps with blood circulation to fight body fatigue.

5. All the cabin crew are huge fans of hydrating face mists (I even use mine when I’m not at work). Every few hours, have a couple of sprays – you will feel refreshed.

6. If you really want to feel like your long journey was a breeze, you have to travel in our Business Premier cabin: it makes such a huge difference! I flew all the way to New Zealand in Business and I got off the flight feeling more refreshed than when I boarded the aircraft. It’s the pricier option, but I guarantee you won’t regret it.

7. If you are a big family, or travelling with children, book our Economy Skycouch™, a row of three Economy seats, with a footrest that pulls up to a 90-degree angle to create a ‘couch’. It’s perfect for children to sleep on or use as a play area.

8. If you’ve got young children in tow, come prepared with some new toys– the novelty will delay boredom for much longer. We offer a kids’ pack to help keep them busy; we also have a dedicated TV section on our inflight entertainment for little ones.

The flight from Singapore to Auckland is onboard our new 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft, which has got some great features: larger windows mean more natural light, and the air is cleaner and fresher, so you’ll feel much better when you arrive. It’s also very fuel efficient.

Talk to your crew! The crew are there for your safety first, but also for your comfort. If there is anything that we can do to make your trip more comfortable (limited to our resources at 39,000ft!) we really will do it with pleasure. Whether it’s an extra pillow, extra meal or a refill for your water bottle, make sure you ask – it can make a big difference to your journey.

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