Changi Transit Programme Terms and Conditions

Your transit experience at Singapore Changi Airport is now more rewarding! Receive a Changi Transit Reward, valued from S$20, to offset your shopping during your transit at Changi Airport, when you travel on Singapore Airlines, SilkAir or Air New Zealand.


Passengers’ e-ticket numbers must begin with 618 or 629 or 086, and must be travelling on flights operated by Singapore Airlines or SilkAir for both into and out of Changi Airport. Any connecting flight into or out of Changi Airport that is not operated by Singapore Airlines or SilkAir must be operated by Air New Zealand (specifically flight numbers SQ4281, SQ4282, NZ281 or NZ282) or Scoot (specifically flight numbers TR597 or TR596)

 Passengers must be on transit in Changi Airport on both legs of their journey, which
means Singapore is neither the point of origin nor the end destination. Transit
passengers on one-way journey or ticket are not eligible. For example, a passenger
whose journey is:
(i) “London – Singapore – Sydney – Singapore – London” is eligible;
(ii) “London – Singapore – London” is not eligible;
(iii) A one-way journey “London – Singapore – Sydney only” is not eligible.
 Point of origin refers to the country of the departing flight on participating airlines before
you arrive at Singapore for your entire trip.
 Transit means a layover at Changi Airport of not more than 24 hours. This is calculated
from the Scheduled Time of Arrival (STA) of the arriving flight into Changi Airport to the
Scheduled Time of Departure (STD) of the connecting departure flight out of Changi
 Passengers who are in transit at Changi Airport for only one leg of the journey must
originate and return to the same country by air via Changi Airport. Such passenger must
present proof of travel by land or sea from/to Singapore and three (3) flight sectors via
Changi Airport issued in a single e-ticket. For example, a passenger whose journey is:
(i) “Bombay – Singapore, Kuala Lumpur – Singapore – Bombay” AND Singapore –
Kuala Lumpur is by land or sea AND flight sectors are issued in a single e-ticket, is
(ii) “Beijing – Singapore, Bangkok – Singapore –Shanghai” AND Singapore – Bangkok
is by sea AND flight sectors are issued in a single e-ticket, is eligible;
(iii) “Shanghai – Singapore – Perth, Singapore – Shanghai” in a single ticket BUT
“Perth – Singapore” is by other airline, is not eligible;
(iv) “New Delhi – Singapore – Kuala Lumpur, Singapore – New Delhi” in different
tickets is not eligible.
 Passengers must be above 2 years old at the point of ticket issuance and have their own
seat, which means that their seat is not shared with their parent or guardian.

Updated as of 14 March 2018

 Passengers can only collect the transit reward once, on either leg of their journey,
regardless if it was issued over two or more separate e-tickets.
E.g. A passenger who has separate e-tickets issued for his trip “London – Singapore –
Sydney – Singapore – London” can collect the transit reward either upon his arrival in
Singapore from London OR upon his arrival in Singapore back from Sydney.
 Passengers whose transit (through Singapore) itinerary was issued over two or more
separate e-tickets must present all e-tickets to the counter staff. We will not be able to
process the collection without all the necessary documents.
 Our staff reserves the right to reject the collection for reasons including but not
restricted to insufficient supporting documents.
 For transit passengers with departure dates from point of origin between 1 April 2018
and 30 September 2018 (both dates inclusive)
o You will receive a transit reward worth S$20 from all points of origin of your entire
return trip.
o You will receive two transit rewards worth S$20 each, one of which is applicable
for Liquor, Perfumes or Cosmetics purchases only, if the point of origin of your
entire return trip is from China (Mainland).

 Passengers travelling on codeshare flights outside of Singapore Airlines, SilkAir and Air
New Zealand will not be eligible for this programme.
 Transit reward collection is subject to the terms and conditions stated below.


 The transit reward is valid for use till 30 April 2019 and request to replace, extend or refund will not be entertained.
 All collections must be done by 30 September 2018 and while stocks last.
 Passenger can collect the transit reward for their current trip only. Retrospective
collection for past trips or advance collection for future trips will not be entertained.
 The transit reward may not be used with ongoing in-store promotions.
 The transit reward can be used in conjunction with Singapore Airlines/SilkAir Boarding
Pass Privileges.
 Changi Airport Group reserves the rights to change these terms and conditions at any
time without prior notice.


Eligible passengers can proceed to the iShopChangi Collection Centres which are open 24 hours daily in the transit areas of Terminals 2 and 3. Please present your passport, boarding passes and all e-tickets showing your full itinerary as well as booking confirmation of your land and sea transfers to collect.


The transit reward can be use at all retail outlets in transit and public areas of Changi Airport, except for outlets indicated in the Exclusion List below.
The transit reward can also be redeemed for one-time access to the Ambassador Transit Lounge located in the transit areas of Terminals 2 or 3 for up to two (2) hours. The Ambassador Lounge provides shower facilities with basic toiletries, light refreshments, complimentary Wi-Fi and PC Internet facilities, international reading materials and television. Passengers can also enjoy other exclusive offers* from the Ambassador Transit Lounge. For passengers who are eligible for S$40 transit reward, you would receive two S$20 transit rewards, one of which will be valid for one-time use on Liquor, Perfumes or Cosmetics purchases only. This transit reward can also be used at the services or spa area of the Shilla duplex store in the transit area of Terminal 3 and featured brands include Dior, SKII, Chanel and La Prairie.

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