The best places to eat in Sabah, Malaysia

From street cuisine to fine dining, Sabah offers a feast for all the senses when it comes to incredible dining experiences.

Yuit Cheong

One of the oldest coffee shops in town, Yuit Cheong has been serving locals since 1896. Try a kopi-c (coffee with milk), some kaya toast made from their homemade bread and order a satay from Jawi Satay, a street grill set out the front of the coffeeshop. Jawi is one of the best satay stops in town – with succulent beef or chicken skewers sizzled to perfection.

Sinsuran night market

Night markets are some of the most atmospheric places to dine in the capital. Head for the waterfront setting of Sinsuran where you’ll find bubbling lobster pots and smoky grills serving up delicious local fare. Stalls are brimming with fresh fare, from delicious whole grilled fish, to seafood steamed with fresh ginger and lemongrass, or sticky chicken wings.

Little Italy

It may be located more than 6,000 miles away from Italy but this bustling bistro has proved a real hit with carb lovers. For those craving a little pasta, the restaurant makes fresh pasta and sauces daily. Try the squid ink spaghetti, the fresh cannelloni or mouth-watering raviolis.

Fatt Kee/Ang’s Hotel

A KK institution! This bustling Malaysian restaurant, locally nicknamed Ang’s Hotel, serves the best chicken wings in the city. Sticky, sweet and tender, the wings are marinaded in a delicious oyster sauce. Ang’s is open for lunch and dinner.

Yu Kee Bak Kut Teh

One of the most popular restaurants on Gaya Street, to its signature pork and pork innards bak kut teh. The name literally translates pork bone tea, and the herby dish of pork broth is a local delicacy. For non-pork eaters, head around the corner to Nan Yang Café on Jalan Pantai where you’ll find chicken and seafood options. On Sundays the road is closed off for the weekend market where you’ll find stalls selling all sorts of merchandise, fruit and food.

Welcome Seafood Restaurant Story

Somewhere between a large fish market stall and open-air restaurant, this quirky eaterie is tremendously popular. You don’t get fresher than picking your seafood from water tanks! Choose your seafood and then opt for it grilled, boiled or fried and marry it with a delectable sauce. From soft shell crab to piles of prawns and grilled local catch, this is the place to come for Sabah’s famous seafood.

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